Bobby Crush Philips 6308 135

This was my first album following my TV break on “Opportunity Knocks!” in 1972. With veteran producer Norman Newell at the helm, it reached no.15 in the U.K. album charts and I was thrilled to find myself recording for the same label as my all-time favourite singer, Dusty Springfield.

All Time Piano Hits Philips 6308 159

On the follow-up album, I performed my own versions of 16 of the biggest piano hits of recent times. Includes my top 40 hit “Borsalino” and Russ Conway’s “Side Saddle”, for which I received a letter of congratulation from the great man himself.

Piano Party Philips 6308 174

My record producer, Norman Newell, had great success with a series of singalong albums with Mrs. Mills. He decided to take me down a similar route and the next thing I knew, I was receiving a gold disc from New Zealand!

Smash Hits Philips 6308 206
This was a selection of 70s’ hits including “The Sting” and “Welcome Home”. Peters and Lee, who had a no.1 hit with that song, chose me as “special guest” on their “Farewell Tour”.

Bobby Crush Plays 35 Piano Pops Philips 6308 219
Another medley album, this time featuring the songs of the Beatles, Carpenters, Supremes etc. Orchestral arrangements by Tony Osborne who, at one time, was Eartha Kitt’s musical director.

Honky Tonk Favourites Philips 6382 119
I’d been playing the piano in pubs since I was 14 years old and “Honky Tonk Favourites” was a collection of songs from those times … the perfect album for a knees-up! The sleeve was kept very traditional and it’s the one and only time I’ve ever been persuaded to wear a bowler hat!

Hits Of The Thirties Philips 9109 203

The Summer of ’75 was a busy time for me, playing 8 shows a week with Max Bygraves in “SwingalongaMax” at the Victoria Palace and recording my “Hits of the Thirties” album during the day. The cover shot wasn’t taken in a studio … it was someone’s apartment all done out in art-deco. Very chic!

Music Music Music! Philips SON 024
My 8th and final album for Philips. By the time I made “Music, Music, Music!”, the recording budgets had been cut dramatically and I found myself recording with just a rhythm section. I have to admit this is not a favourite recording … I always think of it as my “contractual obligation” album!

Bobby Crush Plays Elton John Celebrity ACLP008

This is probably my most sought after album. A matter of weeks after it was released, the record company went bust (no connection between the two!) and copies became rare. Keep your eyes peeled at record fairs and car boot sales … probably the only way you’ll find it!

The Incredible Double Decker Party Warwick WW 5126/7

One of my best selling albums. I was approached by Warwick Records to make a TV-advertised double album set featuring 101 party songs. Recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios in front of a live audience, it went on to sell 100,000 copies and brought me two gold discs. The TV commercial is hysterical … I’m dressed as a bus conductor ushering people onto my “Double Decker” and on the top deck, there’s an upright piano which I play as we all trundle down the seafront at Brighton!

First Love President PRCV 115

Produced by Michael Reed (Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s musical associate), this was my first step towards a more sophisticated sound. With a sizeable orchestra and a lush approach, this album includes my own version of “Orville’s Song”, “Up where we belong” and the theme from the film “On Golden Pond”.

Hollywood & Broadway Prism PLATCD 3919
Undoubtedly, my favourite of all the albums I’ve made. This was my first ever CD release in 1993 and I had more involvement in this recording than any other … from the choice of songs right through to the packaging. My friend, Gordon Lorenz, did a terrific job as producer.
Incredible Double Decker Party Music World MARC 876
The Double Decker Party album was one of my most successful and one of the LPs was released on CD in Australia and New Zealand in 1995. You may be lucky enough to still find copies in collectors and other specialist shops.

Reel Music Essential Gold PWKS 4269
Another album of which I’m particularly proud. A selection of classic and contemporary movie themes with orchestrations by some of the country’s finest arrangers.
The Best Of Bobby Crush Spectrum 552 101-2
This CD was compiled to celebrate my 25th Anniversary in showbusiness. It features highlights from my recording career with Philips and includes “Borsalino” and “The Sting”.

Melodies From The Movies  Hallmark 309552

This is a re-issue of my Reel Music CD and is available from your local store or you can order direct online.

The Definitive Collection Mercury Universal 984 377-3

This 2006 album is a compilation of songs recorded for the “Philips” label between 1972 and 1978, nearly all of these tracks are appearing on CD and as Downloads for the first time ever.


Humpty Dumpty  DUK-LP 001

Although I don’t appear as a performer on this album, I’m represented as a composer. I wrote this musical for Keith Harris & Orville after I composed their no.4 hit “Orville’s Song”. The show had a highly successful run at the Dominion Theatre, London during Christmas 1984 and this was the original cast album released at the same time.

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Pickwick Shows Collection PWKS 4163

Although I’ve played major roles in 4 musicals, I hadn’t sung on record until I was asked to join this all-star cast recording of “Joseph”. Playing “Pharoah” and singing “The Song of the King”, I was called upon to give my very best Elvis Presley impersonation!

Songs From Hair Carlton Sounds 30362 00152

My next chance to sing on record came with this recording of songs from the musical “Hair”. I’m featured on three tracks … “Donna”, “Manchester, England” and the ballad “Where do I go?”

The Songs Of Gershwin Music Club MCCD 183

This CD opens with me playing an excerpt from “Rhapsody in Blue” and further on, you’ll find an up-tempo version of “Someone to watch over me” … very different from the string-laden version on my “Hollywood and Broadway” album. Other songs on this CD are performed by Edmund Hockridge, Gemma Craven and Dennis Lotis.

The Songs Of Irving Berlin Music Club MCCD 188

Here you’ll find me playing a solo of “I love a piano” … how appropriate! Other performers on this album include Paul Jones, Liz Robertson and Dennis Lotis.


Borsalino/The Stripper
Philips 6006 248 (1972)

The Good Old Bad Old Days/Bobcat
Philips 6006 273 (1973)

The Gondolas Of Venice/Bondi Beach
Philips 6006 318 (1973)

The Sting/Trampolina
Philips 6006 374 (1974)

Mayday/Clip Joint
Philips 6006 400 (1974)

Hangin’ Out/Buckingham Palais
Philips 6006 425 (1974)

Chinese Bicycle/Bobby’s Tune
Philips 6006 537 (1976)

Lonely Ballerina/Slightly Latin
President PT 527 (1984)

Brendan’s Theme/Pepe
President PT 553 (1984)

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